Unified Communications

Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate to Improve Your Bottom Line

We live in an age where staying connected is supposed to be easy. But despite so many phone / telephony systems, technologies and gadgets designed to provide better communication, there is still so much room for improvement.

Clients, suppliers, colleagues, and business associates need to communicate to get things done fast. Delayed action on

  • a simple query from a potential buyer,
  • a business-critical instruction from your boss,
  • a confirmation from a colleague, or
  • a call for an emergency meeting


simply because you didn’t get the message on time may cost your company money, time, or a golden opportunity. Scenarios like this happen on a daily basis. That is why a Unified Communications (UC) solution is needed.

Unified communications integrates all communications services, including: instant messaging, presence information, traditional telephony, IP telephony, video conferencing, call control, speech recognition, voicemail, e-mail, SMS, and fax, and turns them into a cohesive set of solutions with a common interface to streamline all your communication and collaboration activities.

With communication and collaboration lines running more efficiently, you can keep your customers satisfaction levels high, your team more productive, and the bottom line more pleasing to your shareholders.

How can a unified communications solution help?

With mobile devices and the Internet steadily getting more substantial roles, the workplace is rapidly extending outdoors. That means, you can’t expect to find a person in the same place every day. Neither can you rely on just one mode of communication to contact him.

If he can’t be contacted through his phone, do you relay your message through email, text, instant messaging ... or all three?

With unified communication, you’ll be able to determine:

  • where the person you need to contact can be located; whether in the office, their home, or in another country.
  • know which type of communication medium is available to him, i.e., phone, email, instant messaging, etc.
  • immediately transfer to another communication medium if he prefers to receive the message from there.
  • set up a collaboration activity or a video conference with team members communicate with your team regardless where you are.


Our approach makes use of powerful and highly successful open systems telephony solutions like Asterisk and Switchvox.

The Asterisk Advantage

Asterisk and Switchvox come with all the benefits associated with open systems solutions:  lower total cost of ownership (TCO), high degree of customizability, and better security.

Whether what you need are the basic functionalities of a typical PBX like:

  • Extensions
  • Voicemail
  • Transferring calls
  • Putting calls on hold


or more advanced ones like:

  • Sending calls over the Internet
  • Integrating with other applications like Google or e-mail
  • Fax, chat and video-calling capabilities 
    or (since it is Web-based) accessing your system on a Web browser from any place in the world


This solution can deliver with ease.

Why you need us

While Asterisk and Switchvox provides a user-friendly interface for all users and all supported devices, you’ll need to perform administrative tasks on them. Simply said, you need someone to tell the system what to do. That’s where we come into the picture.

We can:

  • Create Dialplan scripts
  • Record voice prompts
  • Configure phones, interface cards, and services
  • Orient users how to get the most out of unified communications