Physical Security

Are You Neglecting Physical Security?

With growing threats from hackers and other cyber criminals, companies are spending more \and more of their resources on IT security. But that doesn’t mean traditional physical threats have gone away.

If you haven’t assessed your physical security risks lately, you could be leaving a door wide

open to these threats. When saboteurs or thieves strike, they can as easily disrupt operations and cripple your organization.

In worst case scenarios, they can even wipe out your entire business.

Before these crooks can carry out their evil deeds, they’ll have to enter your premises. With the right physical security measures, you can either prevent them from getting in or minimize damages to your assets if they’re working from the inside.

Today’s physical security systems have evolved. Padlocks, grills, walls, and steel doors are being augmented with electronic access controls, IP cameras, biometric scanners, and other technologies, which are much easier to control, are more configurable, and may be monitored off-site.

But just how important - not to mention, affordable - are these new technologies?

It’s Time For An Upgrade

People are often hesitant to adapt to new technologies for two simple reasons: First is the cost second is the time to learn. We always take these two issues in consideration when coming up with a particular solution.

Here are some of the technological solutions we currently offer:

Electronic access control - Way better than your primitive lock-and-key, this system will not only deter outsiders from getting into unauthorized areas, it can also record detailed information regarding entry and exit activities.

IP cameras - These cameras don’t just record and store videos, they can even stream the data across a network so you can monitor activities from your office or even from your home over the Internet.

Electronic authentication and authorization - Authentication/authorization solutions range from biometrics, proximity cards, smart cards, to simple password entry devices. These devices can limit access to certain areas to personnel with the necessary access rights.

Why you need us

Small and medium size businesses don’t have the same massive financial resources as large enterprises. In most cases, they’ll have little to spare for hi-tech physical security systems.

We understand how excessive security measures can get in the way of productivity and cause unnecessary expenditures. That is why we’ve devised physical security solutions tailor-made for SMEs like you.

We’ll take time to study your relevant systems, traffic and work flow. The objective is to pinpoint your most vulnerable areas and implement physical security initiatives only where they can be most effective.

That means, less disruptions, delays, expenses and wastage.

Part of our service entails putting together the right products so you can bring costs down significantly and make the most out of your security budget. We specialize in technologies/devices like:

  • Access control
  • Access control readers
  • Credentials
  • Biometrics
  • Door access
  • RFID access IP cameras and more


We’ll take care of all the intricacies involved in physical security so you can focus on your business all day and sleep well at night.